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How To Grow Afro Textured Hair Long and Strong

How To Grow Afro Textured Hair Long and Strong


Growing your afro textured can no doubt be challenging, but by no means is it impossible. Some of the common challenges this hair textures faces are:

  • Split ends and breakage with improper care
  • Naturally dry texture
  • Highly delicate texture despite it’s natural appearance
  • Frequent chemical over processing

Did you know that kinky, coily and highly curly hair grows an average of 1.27cm per month? That’s an average of 15 cm a year of growth! So how do you grow kinky, coiled and curly hair long and strong?


Follow these tips and you won’t go wrong.

  • Remember that the ends of your hair are the oldest and most delicate, so keep them moisturized, split end free and tucked away from damage
  • Use less heat on your hair. Limit your hairs exposure to heat to 4 or less times a year
  • Alternate weekly between deep conditioning treatments and moisture and protein to keep your hair moisturized and strong


Give your hair a much-needed break by utilizing protective styles such as braids, weaves and wigs

Stretch your chemical treatments to 8-10 weeks or longer if your can manage. This will prevent over processing and damage to the hair.

Stay away from combs with small teeth, and brushes with rough bristles. Opt for a wide toothcomb for detangling.


Moisturize your hair nightly with a water-based moisturizer.

Keep your root nourished with natural oils like, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Castor Oil.

Cut split ends in order to keep your hair healthy. Always use hair scissors and not kitchen scissors.

Protect your delicate strands from your cotton pillowcase by wearing a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to bed every night. This will keep the moisture in your hair overnight. You may also opt for a silk pillowcase instead.

Keep track of all the products that your hair likes and dislikes by keeping a hair journal.

At the end of the day patience and consistency will win every single time. So give Afro textured hair a lot of tender love and care and watch it flourish.

Written by: Kavuli Nyali-Binase


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