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How Inecto Helped With Winter Hair Care

How Inecto Helped With Winter Hair Care

This is what a blogger and proud Inecto user had to say about hair care. We’d like to say thank you for sharing this with us and we would encourage our consumers to share their hair care and experiences with us.

I grew up with natural hair and if there is one thing a black child with natural hair can tell you… You never want to encounter an angry black mother with an afro comb.

Since I always had an afro, I had to find the best ways to take care of my hair, without ever having my mother offer to come into contact with my hair. If it wasn’t hard enough surviving my mother and her afro comb, I needed to survive rough Joburg winters and the brutal effects they had on my hair.

I’ve found the best tricks for my hair where always in my kitchen. Your kitchen hides some of the best, and if childhood memories serve me right, the worst oils. Combine these oils into an all-in-one hair treatment.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is great for your skin so it will keep your scalp moisturised which is essential in winter.

Castor Oil

When it comes to castor oil, just let your mom know you found a better use for it – I promise it won’t make your hair smell bad.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the guardian angel your hair has always needed. It’s great for preventing hair loss and reduces protein loss in your hair. Double win!!!

This concoction works wonders for my hair. It stays oily, moisturised, no dry scalp and helps my hair grow stronger.

I also need to find the best ways to keep my hair looking beautiful without breaking the bank.


“When it comes to hair colour, my go-to colour of choice was always the Inecto Super Auburn. It complements my skin tone and always catches everyone’s eye.”


Below, is me and a horse I met while I was traveling in the Drakensberg when my hair is dyed with Inecto Super Auburn.


Recently, I cut my hair short to get a completely new look, after returning from my solo backpacking from Cape to Cairo. Now I rock a Nelson Mandela inspired, German cut and the Inecto Perfect Black was the perfect colour choice for this look.

The reason I love Inecto, is not only are their colours perfect and always affordable, it’s gentle and kind to my hair. I don’t have to worry about unnecessary breakage and damage. Taking care of natural hair can be stressful and all of us are always trying to find the best ways to look after our locks. Some kitchen haircare secrets and Inecto is all you need to say, goodbye to nappy looking hair, and hello to sexy, shiny, beautiful hair, all winter long.

Katchie-Nzama-ThumbKatchie Nzama


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